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Who are we? is company owned and operated by a couple of people who truly love hitting the slopes. We realized a long time ago that getting out the slopes for as many days as we wanted to was starting to add up. We made a list. That list was all the deals to all the resorts that we could get to for a day trip. Snow today, check the list, call in sick tomorrow. Soon enough, we were getting in a full season for half the cost.

Here’s our list. Use it. Get out there. We’ll see you on the slopes.

Get Updates. doesn't spam. We don't send out emails. The only time we ask for your information is so we can give you stickers and prizes. If you want to get updates or find out about deals, you can join us at the social site of your choice:

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We'll do our best to keep you updated with deals on lift tickets throughout the season

The Future.... realizes that with the environmental trends the way they are, that there will be no more Skiing OR Snowboarding in the North East by 2030. That seems far away, but what that really means is that your kids will have to go to Canada to shred. Can you imagine? No more day trips. No more powder days. We don’t want to even think about it.

A portion of’s profits (if we make any) will be donated to environmental causes to prevent global warming because we want to shred until we’re really old.

And Thanks... is a project that was put together by a couple of regular guys. We would not have been able to do this without the help of, and countless other resources on the web. Without these resources we wouldn't be here. So thanks to them and thanks to you for your continued support. We promise to keep finding deals and giving away stuff if you promise to keep stopping by.


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