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Current Events

Once again, LTC is getting its act together for events this season. We've partnered up with Thunder Ridge in Patterson, NY for a couple of events. The first event is World Snowboard Day on December 20th.

Snowboarders around the planet will be hitting the slopes en masse to tear it up. At Thunder Ridge, there will be giveaways, freebies and AASI certified Instructors (including Nate, LTC's founder) will be teaching free clinics!!!

Our second event is just four days later on Christmas Eve. We'll be back at Thunder Ridge to Ride With Santa Join us for some gifts. It doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice, we're gonna hook you up either way! Plus, you can take some turns with Kris Kringle and his elves.

Special Thanks to all our sponsors for these events. Check them out, they make these events possible:

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Our Events events are always two things: awesome and cheap.

Some events are as simple as one of our riders headed down to the mountain to give out stuff.

Some of our events are big. Really big. We team up with bands, sponsors and venues to bring you entertainment at a price that won't break the bank. Each event is announced through our site, our partners sites, local radio, Free Press Release and newspaper and through our sponsored riders. Someone from the team is at every event to give out free stuff. It's just our way of keeping the mountain experience the way we think it should be.
Past Events

We know what happens at the party stays at the party, but we'll keep pics up on our sites so you can see the kind of stuff we do.

Future Events
We are working hard to create events across the US and Canada. We are always looking for interesting opportunities. If you have an event you'd like us to participate in, Let us know the details. We are always on the lookout for event sponsors. If your organization would like to participate in an event, Let us know.

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